Click Aristocrat Red Demonstrator

Click Aristocrat 
One of the most popular fountain pen made in India.

Its launched at The India Pen Show 2019.

Aristocrat is inspired from the Duofold Design and have a very good balance writing even when capped the pen doesn't give much issue writing.

Plus points

1. Full Molded Premium Plastic body which give sturdy looks and feels good.

2. Screw Fitted nib unit. #6 nib unit

3. 3in1 inking system - Eyedropper, Cartridge/Convertor

4. Medium Size pen, gives good grip for long writing session.

5. Comes in Fine, Medium, Broad and Fine Semi Flex Nib.

Click Aristocrat Red Demonstrator

₹350.00 Regular Price
₹340.00Sale Price
Nib Unit
  • Inking System

    EyeDropper, Cartridge or Convertor

  • Nib Unit

    Click Stock Screw Fitted Nib unit

  • Nib

    Fine, Medium, Broad, Fine Semi Flex