Like we would like to call it, presenting another Gem from Vazir: “Neelum”
The Neelum is made up of high quality premium resin in a very subtle shade of blue (We like to call it blue velvet). The pen design stands out for its ribbed barrel pattern and a semi hooded #6 nib.
Neelum is completely handcrafted and comes in a limited production run of just 200 pieces (numbered)
Pen Specifications 
*Design *: A semi hooded nib section with a Waverley ribbed patterned barrel
*Material *: Premium Resin
Pen length : 145mm
Cap length :  68mm
Without cap length: 120mm including nib
Weight approx 25gm
Max diameter : 16mm
Section diameter : 13mm
Ink filling mechanism: cartridge converter (Schmidt convertor included)
Mrp : 3500/-

Pre booking yours till 12th February for just 3000/-
Available in gold trims and chrome trims with nib option of EF,F,M,B,BB 
The Neelum has be named by Major Nithi C.J(Retd) creator of The INQ and here are her words that have Neelum its name.


SKU: vazir-neelum
  • Ink filling mechanism:

    Cartridge Convertor and Eye Dropper

  • Convertor

    Schmidt Convertor

  • Nib

    Vazir Nib

  • Material

    Premium Resin