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GEM & Co., (GAMA)

was started in the late 1920s, an almost 90-year-old pen store in George Town known for their brand of Handcrafted Gama pens.
Gama is the inhouse brand of Gem & Co, pen specialists since 1920's. Gem & Co is part and parcel of pen manufacturing heritage of Chennai, India. Started by Mr. M.C. Cunnan and Mr.Venkatrangam, the present owner Mr.Pratap Kumar is the 3rd generation in the family business house. Five decades, back they were sole importers of pen spares from Great Britain. Independent India saw the birth of brand Gama. 
Over years Gem & Co has remained true to their core business, i.e. Pen Specialists.Their flagship pens were Gama Royal, Gama Kid, Gama Manifold, Gama Coronation Gama their lineup includes a range of high quality ebonite pens, celluloids, acrylic pens.and a range of student pens.

Gama Fountain Pen
Gama Fountain Pen

Unique pen Industry. (Click)

was established in 1978, under the brand banner "Click".
Now for over three decades they have been manufacturing high standard writing instruments and commited to produce unique designs and style of products. They are amongst the leading manufacturer for fountain pens in India in different filling mechanism i.e. eye dropper, piston and cartridge, in materials like CAB, Acrylic, Ebonite  and ABS.

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It all changed, when in 1986 the Founder & presently a mentor to the company, Shri Laxmi Shankar Awasthi , having more than 2 decades of unmatchable experience in the industry, together with his sons Pradeep & Sandeep, embarked onto a challenge to provide consumers with the best quality fountain pens at the most ‘easy’ prices. A manufacturing unit was set up in the erstwhile Manchester of the East, the industrial hub of UP, Kanpur. And the rest as they say, is history.

We pledge to offer a varied range of writing instruments with the best quality that serves the purpose of students, businessmen & professionals alike. We are not the largest manufacturer of our products, only because we prioritise quality over quantity & concentrate more on innovation of better products rather than producing vehemently & then trying dumping the excess production.

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Kanwrite Heritage Fountain Pen
Constellations88 Fountain pen


is the brain child of like minded pen enthusiasts and pen collectors with keen interest in Premium writing instruments and accessories for over a decade.

Ageless appeal, Impeccable style and Collectors' pride.

Exquisite care and intricate detail is clearly the striking feature of our pens. Great care is taken to ensure quality checks before being the are released from the factory. Each pen is carefully checked for its finish, art and quality post which its hand packed for dispatch.

Explore the Constellations88 collections now. 

Lotus Pens

is an Indian Fountain Pen Manufacturer based in Mumbai.​

Making fountain pens since 2000's in different types too.  Famous for the Hand Painted Fountain pens and unique designs. 

Premium Fountain Pen Series LOTUS EXCEL, Collectors collections.

Some of the most innovative designs in the fountain pen includes the wood finish fountain pens, Hand Painted Tiger fountain pen and there vintage collection


SK Kim & Co. 

Fountain Pen is the most popular fountain pens in the custom fountain pen world. SK gives you ultimate freedom to customize your fountain pens. The SK fountain pens is must in your collection. 


Mr. Subramaniam owner and creator of ASA Fountain Pen. The ASA is one of the most superior brands in INDIA, delivering the best in class writing instruments and perfected with hand craftsmanship. ASA has always amazed the fountain pen lovers with some of the most unique and beautiful designs. 

One of the most popular is the Trans Nauka. 

Also if you have your own taste towards the fountain pens ASA offers the custom fountain pen where you can make your dream fountain pen mod true.

Explore the ASA collections now. 

ASA Fountain Pen
Vasani Pen Gallery


is Ahmedabad based fountain pen company. Vasani is famous for the many fountain pen products from various famous brands like TWSBI, LAMY, PELIKAN, DELTA and much more.... 

Vasani is also have inhouse creation of Pen accessories. Luxury premium pen cases that hold your fountain pens and keep it safe from scratches and give a awesomw look..


is Indian Fountain Pen Manufacturing company based in Mumbai. Abhay Pen Agencies the company is established long ago and currently successfully running by Mr. Ajit Pathak. The Fountain Pens from Mohi is fun to write with. The size and balance of the pen makes it the best daily fountain pen for many students and the professionals.

Mohi Star is the one best Student Fountain Pen.

Mohi Fountain Pen
Magna Carta Fountain Pen

Magna Carta

With great enthusiasm I send you this message as a way of introduction to our family-run, pen manufacturing business based in Mumbai and Jamnagar .  We produce pens that your customers will enjoy and appreciate because of their top-quality and fair pricing.  Our business is all about you--the Retailer who is serving his/her customers.  We design our pens with you and your customers in mind.  One example of this commitment is our use of a highly-durable application, PVD.  Another example is our use of Bock nibs.  

Please see the attachments--you, as our customer, are the most important part of our business.  We deliver on our promise of superior customer service.  Additionally, you will find photos of some of our successful products.


is Indian Fountain Pen Manufacturing company based in Chennai.

One of the famous and old INDIAN Hand Made Fountain Pen Manufacturer

This eminent pen company was started under the guidence of experienced persons named ratnam & brothers in the year 1946, situated in rajahmundry bank of the river godavari in andhra prpadesh. This is an historical place ruled by the king raja raja narendra. The eminent poet nannayya narrated the script “ maha bharata” in telugu on talapatra leaves with “ghantam” in eleventh century.

The guider pen works started the manufacturing of high class fountain pens . The company was started by mr. G. Subbarao in 1946, now it is looking after his son mr. Lakshamana rao. Still he is manufacturing the pens with the machines which were imported from germany 60 years back.

In the olden days they used to manufacturing manually due to insufficient power supply. The raw material was also imported from japan. Still the company is having the raw material and pens which made by the professionals above 50 years back. You can choose gold nibbed pens , silvler body engraved art pens, celluloid, ebonite, acrylic pens, ball pens & marble stone pens.

Guider Fountain pen
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