Handmade Journals

In this era of machine made writing instruments and milled papers and conglomerate made notebooks, I always fascinated about handmade journals to nourish my fountain pen hobby, after all a pen needs a paper to write . After stumbling upon various machine made journals and notebooks, binding own choice papers .. I finally came along with the beautiful handmade and hand sewed artificial leather journals from Sagar Bhowmik da, beloved senior and fellow fountain pen addict...

After few days in making time waiting for it impatiently finally few days back I got my hands of two of his beautiful creations...

Presenting handmade journals with the most affordable and Fountain pen friendly paper jk cedar 100 gsm bound. The big journal is in A5 size, well crafted, superbly bounded, indeed a beauty of handwork.

The small one A6 perfect for little bit of jotting down notes and daily carry

Thank you Sagar Bhowmik Da for these beauties...

PS - he is also making a lot of different types of affordable hand made journals, midori style and many more...

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